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In the mail today, I received an envelope with the SCCA logo on it. Figuring it was something interesting, I ripped it open right away, breathless with anticipation...

In it was a request for renewal and fees to renew my ClubRally license for the year. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!


These guys make me laugh EVERY TIME!!!

Yours in sarcasm,
Brian Flanagan
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Got any other options? I'm open to NARA, NARRA or even USAC. Meanwhile, SCCA is still the only game in town except for Canada which is kind of far away and 2 other rallies a year. Maybe 3 depending on Gorman Ridge.
Richard Miller

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Well, I do see the irony in suspending the Club program then asking for a Club license renewal. I was one of the lucky few who got a Club renewal notice and was able to upgrade to a Pro license.

But, I think that the Club program will be running again within the next 2 months. So the license is probably worth getting. And you can always run in Canada with it...

JP Rowland jeremyrowland -at- mac.com
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