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What's Pike's Peak without the hillclimb? Monte Carlo without the Cul di Torini? Finland without Oiuninpoua? And Rim without Del Sur?

If you haven't read it yet, here is Rim Competitor's Bulletin #2

"Rain and the Roads:
This year we have had more rain damage to the RIM roads than we
have ever seen in 22 years of organizing RIM. Some of the damage
to the RIM roads can be viewed on the RIM web site. In addition,
these days the U.S. Forest Service has less staff available for
road maintenance. What staff they have will be working on
assessing damage and applying for special federal funds throughout
the month of April. As such the USFS will probably not be able to
do any road repairs prior to RIM and much of the forest will
remain closed to the public until May 31.

To address this issue the RIM team will be having several "road
work" weekends in the forest repairing those roads that are within
our capability to repair. Since the number of roads that we will
be able to repair is significantly less than what we normally run,
RIM will be considerably restructured this year, to make more use
of the few roads that we do have. This will result in a rally
that has fewer stage miles, more transit miles and is generally
less efficient.

To include some additional stages we will be running one loop at
the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area located near
Gorman. For this reason, pre-event testing will not be allowed at
Hungry Valley Park this year."

Of course, I am very sad. For my very first rallying experience, I got to do Del Sur both ways and it was the best thing that happened to me that day. That's where I fell in love with rallying. I am very sad that Del Sur is not going to be a part of Rim this year. And even more disappointed that the Hungry Valley VRA is taking it's place. It wasn't that nice at the Gorman rally. From what it it sounds like, Rim is going to be made up of half of the Gorman stages. And I wish this as no offense to the organizers, but I do not want to pay $940 to do Gorman. I want to go back to Del Sur and I want at the experience of doing a national rally with all of the adventure and excitement that I had working at Rim last year and I really want the stage miles back.

If you want to see Del Sur included in this year's event, along with any other stages, please post here or contact the rally organizers (http://www.rimoftheworldrally.com/committee.htm). If Del Sur was repaired and included in the rally, it would add roughly 40 stage miles to the rally and would save us a very long transit. Leon has offered to pay for a bull dozer, and with his heavy equipment licenses and experience to help repair the roads. Perhaps there are others out there who can donate equipment or services so that we can help save these wonderful stages.

Viva Del Sur!

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Del Sur is In!

Don't worry Lisa, we've got you covered!

If all goes according to plans, you'll get to run Del Sur this year along with several other traditional Rim stages. We're just not going to be able to use all our favorites due to the storm damage.

Information initially posted in Competitor Bulletin #2 may have given the false impression that the Hungry Valley stages, used on the Gorman Rally, will make up the bulk of the rally. That is not the case. Current plans are to include ONE loop through Hungry Valley to make up for stage milage lost on other stages. It also provides a excellent spectator location to replace those lost on the storm damaged stages.

We do our best to make sure the information posted here and on the Rim web site is accurate and not misleading or sugar-coated. While the final schedule is not yet set, there will be fewer stage miles and some longer transits this year but we're still going to have a competitive and challenging rally again this year.

We appreciate your call to action because we're going to need volunteers to help on road repairs over the next five weeks.

Please stay positive. We don't create an adverse response from the U.S. Forest Service. This would be unfortunate and counterproductive because USFS officials are doing everything in their power to help us while they cope with the massive damage from the winter storms. We must continue to show them that we are a responsible forest user group.

Ray Hocker
Chairman, Rim of the World Rally

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RE: Del Sur is In!

Great news Ray, few of us started taking about not even running if Del Sur was not part of the event. Count me in if you need help on the roads (for the weekends I am in town)

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