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Your co-driver went out on SS2 after Keith slammed into a bank on the inside and broke something (I forget what :))

Seamus was first of course, I think Drislane was 2nd, and I know Rivas was 4th.

Eric Adams and Matt Johnson ended up switching from their usual roles for this event and Eric still won the class.

Kearney had a multiple roll-over on SS1 so the cars behind him got a fixed time I believe. (or they were just held up a lot)

The G5 supercharged Golf rented by Scott Gardner blew its supercharger very early on SS1. To say Scott was a little PO'd is an understatement...

On SS4 an angry landowner was upset that the rally cars were going to be racing past his house, so he decided he would stop it with a shotgun...of course the finish was moved up before the stage started.

At the reseed after SS4, in an attempt to consolidate the field, the guys up front got about a 55 minute service instead of a 45 minute one while the guys running near the back were getting as low as 4 minute services.

Many people were getting their first experience with notes this weekend, even Healey and McCloud were using them :)

Pete Kuncis's press pass consisted of a photocopy of Charles Sherrill's driver's license with written permission scribbled on the bottom :)

Don and I went out after SS5 when he lost every gear but 2nd after having lost 3rd earlier. I still got almost 50 stage miles in and valuable notes experience, although I think I'm still cursed...


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>Eric Adams and Matt Johnson ended up switching from their
>usual roles for this event and Eric still won the class.

ALLRIGHT!!! Way to go Sherman and Matthew!!

Re:above picture... Priceless. An endo in a Evo. I feel for ya.

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Eventful Event, at least for me

I finished my engine/transmission swap at the HQ parking lot with the tech people giving me a break and coming back after dinner to see if I had finished.

Well, I finished the swap, but not for my surprise the engine was barely running with ignition and fuel issues. I even got stranded with my hotel in sight when I went around the block for a test drive at 1:30 am!

So, there was no point to continue. Then I went on to work the rally.

What a eventful work assigments!!!

1st. If you look at the fantastic pic of Keaney's roll, I'm the guy with a black t-shirt at the yellow tape. The car ended up almost blocking the road on a blind turn. So, I went down the road to warn the oncoming hot traffic to avoid a certain T-bone. Thanks to all the drivers, they really reduced and all went well.

2nd. After that we were assigned to run what??? the finishing of SS4.
When we got there we parked our cars (me, another marshall and the radio guy) on a closed entrance of a property. Here comes an old man on a tractor pulling a trailer. The wife of the radio guy asked him if we were on his way. He said "no". After, get a hay bale, here comes the old man on the tractor. Then the radio guy asked him "how are you doing?", his response "better". He put the tractor/trailer inside another fenced area, and comes back. He came saying "this is my property". The radio guy approach him to say why we were here. That was the cue for the old man start cussing like a mad man. The radio guy said nothing, just staring, probably astonished as I was. BTW, I was fixing a sandwich at my truck looking to this bizarre picture. Before anything, the old man slapped the radio guy big time, throwing his glasses somewhere. His wife came trying to find the glasses saying the we will leave his property. The old man then start to cuss her and demanding that the radio guy to take his hand of his pocket. The radio guy said "if you hit her I'll kill you". At this point which was less than 15 seconds, I put the sandwich back in the truck and was ready to interfere to get us out of there quick. That's when the old man pulled a gun out of his pocket, still demending the radio guy to see his hands. I turn to the right and there is coming from the old men's property a pick up truck full of people with rifles on the cabin rack.
I turn to the other marshall and said: "we all need to get out of here and quick". I told the old man that we are leaving and one guy from the pick up truck asked the old man to talk with him. We all got into our cars and run down the stage.
Obviously, the ham guy has the right connections. He called somebody, and in 5 minutes another ham working on the rally showed up. He was some kind of law enforcement officer, he put his bullet proof vest, got his guns and went back to meet the local sherrif at the old man's property. The old man was arrested.
We pushed the end of stage about 200 yards and after about one hour the notified crews were allow to run the stage.

I feel sorry for all the individuals involved in this incident. No matter what it's bad for us.

Lessons I learn at this event:

1. Do not finish you engine/transmission swap at the parking lot with the tech people behind you. Chances are that you will not run.

2.Always stay really far from the road. Kearny's car rolled like a toy in a sandbox at the playground. If it wasn't uphill, with a high bank and on deep sand it would be a lot different.

3.Do not even look at your local old man, or you could be in serious trouble. Walk away fast and call for law enforcement back up.

From the South CS reports.

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RE: Eventful Event, at least for me

The organizers should have had signed permission from rhe owner to use his property. No excuses; no alibis; no "It was only a pulloff". There is NO excuse. If you use public property, you get written permission from the authorities. If you use private property, you get written permission from the owner.

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RE: Eventful Event, at least for me

Pete, sorry I missed the first line on your post. I'll correct it.

BTW. The SS4 was designed to run on the park property. We made a mistake to park on apparently look like part of the road, but now seams like being private property. If the only demand was to leave the property we would have complied.

Actually there is no excuse for the property owner actions. Assaulting and threatning with a firearm an unarmed person.
No wonder his was arrested with two counts.

So, there was no need to require the private property owner authorization in this case.


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RE: Eventful Event, at least for me

Carlos and the other's reports are pretty much on regarding the civilian assault on a HAM.

Seamus Burke and Charlie Bradley dominated the Fall 2003 running of the Sandhills Rally in their Mitsubishi Evo IV, routing their nearest rivals, Shane Mitchell and Paul Donnelly by over a minute in the inaugural NASA Rally Sport east coast event. Following another forty seconds behind was the team of John Drislane and Ronan Burke rounding up the U.S. Open class. However, stage times were close, with all three finishing within the same minute for all seven stages of the 75 miles of the competition sections.

In the GT classes, showing that driving skill may make up for not being in the latest model car, Patrick Brennan and Stephen Duffy in their Eagle Talon extended their lead over the Subaru WRX of Robert Wall and Carl Fisher throughout the event, eventually besting them by over a minute, as well as finishing tenth overall. Event Founder Greg Healey and his co-driver John Macleod in another Subaru finished less then a minute behind Wall/Fisher to clinch third.

In the small bore 2wd class, Eric Adams? first time in the driver's seat with veteran competitor Matthew Johnson co-piloting showed that something must have rubbed off, as he won the group, finishing well ahead of a number of Open and GT competitors in Johnson?s well known VW Golf, as well as 15th overall in the rally. Chris and Arthur Baker followed to finish second in the class, the rest of the competitors victims of mechanical problems or the deep sand.

In production, Donal McGivney Patricia Reilly finished first in class and 18th overall in their Eagle Talon

No team was able to finish in the big bore 2wd class, the closest being Liam Mulvey and Philip Lynch who completed six of the seven stages before having to retire.

The event was not without other excitement. Special Stage 1 was shut down temporarily after an EVO did an endo going into an off camber right.

Just a little more about what happened.

The 2004 Nasa Rally Sport East schedule was announced as well, with six events, including Sandblast in February, Rally New York in April, and Cherokee Trails in May, plus some new events. Look for information on this soon.



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RE: NASA series sponsorship?

>The 2004 Nasa Rally Sport East schedule was announced as
>well, with six events, including Sandblast in February,
>Rally New York in April...

So, with what happened @ Sandblast this year and Rally New York last year has NASA approached the NRA for a series sponsorship?:)

I am wondering where we need to mount the gunrack for tech.

Seriously, I'm very glad to hear no one was hurt and the Rally NY bit.

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