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KARL Is one of three people I can point a finger at that started this rally bug that I have had for almost 20 plus years now. The other two are Bill Moreau and Nelson Shepard. Karl was the master mine of bringing stage rally to Vermont, Coolage Forest rally 1985/86/87 and when he did this he help launch some great drivers into rallying Paul Choiniere and Tim O'neil and many others who just enjoyed rallying for the love of it. I last saw Karl about a month ago at a rally cross. Had not seen him in years but it was like I had seen him the day before nothing changed. He will be greatly missed. Karl if you are looking down on us now. Thank you for betting I would crash in the first ten stage mile I ever ran, it was only a mile and a half for me to off the Capri but I finished, We will miss you. Chris Putzier:'(
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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