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For those that don't know the show...(probably because you don't get the French version of Much musique)

SPAM is a very good and heavily watch show on extreme sports...the show is filed whit good music and is edited and shooted like a skateboard of snowboard/BMX movie...

we invited them whit us at the Lachute Sprint rally last year...and since it went so well...the show was aired 16 time ... they ad lots of good feed back about that show and they really enjoyed the rally crowd.

So... they came back to do a show on performance rallying at the BDC rally! The Host Marisol was codriving and even won the Quebec cup!! for real...its pretty funny....

the show will be aired next week :

premiere :
26 juillet : 12h00
replay :
27 juillet : 18h00
29 juillet : 12h00, 15h30 et 22h30
30 juillet : 10h30, 18h30 et 21h30

like the Lachute show it will probably be aired in replay in the fall or winter as well...

Good promo for the sport...directly in a young audience face!!!

if you haven't seen it...hers the link for the lachute show

part 1 : http://www.veteranqc.com/dexterx/video/SPAM-RSL2002-1.WMV

part 2 :


Alain Lavoie
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