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Open: Erick Murray, Cyril Kearney, Robert Arano
PGT: Mike Strawbridge, Robert Wall
G5: Mark Bowers
G2: Randy Bailey, Aaron Moser
P: Jeff Field

Open: Jason Lochhead, John Smith
PGT: Josh Chang, Ryan Lord
G5: Paul Costas, Richard Milller
G2: none
P: Dave Carapetyan

Open: none
PGT: none
G5: Doug Jenkins, Scott Justus, Mike Halley
G2: Matt Bushore, Doug Robinson
P: none

Open: Peter Workum, Leon Styles, Vartan Samuelian
PGT: Stephan Verdier, Bruce Brown, Robert Brinkhurst
G5: Jim Pierce, Jim Wright, Cable Rhodes
G2: Mike Masano, Brian Scott (AZ), Jon Rood
P: Patrick Rodi, Michael Taylor, Brian Hudson

Open: Cary Kendall, Tom Ottey, Piotr Wiktorczyk
PGT: Bob Olson, Kazinierz Pudelek, Michael Wray
G5: Colin McCleery, Dave Sterling, Erick Nelson
G2: David Cizmas, Karl Biewald, Jake Himes
P: Peter Hascher, Eric Heitkamp, Jim Cox

Open: Paul Eklund, David Hintz, Gary Cavett
PGT: Jamie Thomas, Barrett Dash, Mike Goodwin
G5: Rick Schmelling, Ben Wellemeyer, Shadd Foster
G2: James Thomson, Chip Miller, Chris Blakely
P: Bruce Tabor, Steve Greer, Mark Tabor

Open: Matt Iorio, Jonathan Bottoms, Patrick Farrell
PGT: Otis Dimiters, Michael Madden, Ted Mendham
G5: Donal P. Mulleady, Paul Kelbel
G2: Ronals Norton, Paul Balser, John Owens
P: Wojtek Okula, Serguei Grichetchkine, Brian Goss

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The irony regarding our identity crisis strikes me solidly in the funnybone. Styles, Bottoms, Iorio, Hintz, Wiktorczyk, Eklund, Dimiters, etc. These are all guys who easily could have or did place in the top 3 in National events. It's good to see the strong competition in regional events.

Here's to making it just one big ol' rally. Heck, why not? The regional events have 99% of the driving talent of the nationals anyway.
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