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Yes, Roxton Rumbles. Thanks.
And my spare battery helped Brianne Corn win Roxton Rocks. So the Beetle took 1 win and maybe credit for 1/1000th of the other win. :D
That's at least two times your spare battery has saved someone else's rally.

Congrats on the win!

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Happy for everyone had a great time at the rally. Pat and I wish we could have been there. Congrats to the winners and enjoy the prize money you got from Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series. We enjoy supporting this event even if you are signed up for the Central region. We like supporting the regional competitors to help keep regional events going each year. Good luck at your next event.

Any pictures out there get them to me and I will get them up on SWRC series website.

The next SWRC series supported event is North Nevada. Plan B is being moved to September this year only...so we hope to see you at that event. Bilstein Cup and SWRC points/event and prize money event for any SWRC series region competitors and prize money and event points is there for any regional competitors that supports the SWRC events whether you are a SW or Central, PNW or East region competitor.

Send pics to marymountdenise @ aol.com

Denise McMahon
Series Director
Bilstein SWRC
81 - 91 of 91 Posts
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