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Team bongo mexico #4472 needs some gravel tires

Gracias Dave for the update.

After 2 days of driving we are now in Laredo now and trying to prep the Pug to drive up another 8 hours to Paris. Click here to see some pics of the adventure entitled Pancho Villa racing thru mexico to get to the Rallye de Paris

ANYONE HAVE OR KNOW OF WHERE TO GET SOME LAST MINUTE 175/65/R14 medium compound gravel tires :confused:

Our plan is to drive there and swap out the tarmac suspension and mount the gravel suspension, but our gravel tires have not showed up :mad:


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I have some extra tires I can sell you. There's several options, but they involve some tire swapping.

2 used Lassa's with about 1/4" tread. Ok for rear or spare (unmounted)
2 used Hankook G51 with about 2/3 tread (one mounted)
2 used Hankook G51 with slight wear (mounted)
2 new Hankook G51 med. compound (mounted)

Some of these are on the rally car, and I will have to replace them with new and used Lassa tires.

I had planned to eventually use up all these tires, but I'm willing to part with the Hankooks. Send me a PM if you would like to work this out.



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Sent you an e-mail with several places to get 14" gravel tires. And, more than 8 hours from Laredo to Paris. 5 hours Laredo to Houston and 5 hours Houston to Paris. Through Dallas should be about the same.

Don't forget, you have to arrange somehow to get a log book for the Pug unless you already have one from FMAD. And you need to get licenses from Rally-America as well as a visual package. None of this is available at the event. Might be able to get Richard Miller to issue you a log book. Please go on line and read the rules so that you don't have any issues in Paris.


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Tires for the ******

Right on Scott,

These will work...
2 used Hankook G51 with slight wear
2 new Hankook G51 med. compound

Way better than the last minute five $50 dollar PIRELLIS CITYNET ALL WEATHER that we used in WRC Mexico 2008 - It felt like we were sking and the height kept tearing off the rear bumper on every stage, but they worked and only blew one at a super stage when we hit a sharp rock, after that we ran with only 4 tires. :D

For WRC Mexico 2010 we ran four 6 year old used Goodyear NCT 5 Racing tires - it was totally retarded but those tires never blew, super strong side wall, we never had to change them, we had a hankook with a side bubble bump as a spare :D

So trust me this is really exciting :eek: For the first time we will compete with some real gravel tires! And 2 of them are new!!! :D


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Rally docs and regulations * Lucky number 4472

Gracias Dave, email received.

This Pug has an FIA Passport, it is homologated under FIA homologation A5627 and has a homologation book. This will be my third official rally that I run and my first in the USA, so I am very eager to learn the RA regulations.

I will make sure to bring my Licenses, FIA medical Carnet, Insurance and the Pug docs.


I will be running my lucky Ultra 4 racing number 4472 :D

I appreciate all the info and comments, now I must go sell lots of tacos to get there :D


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You need insurance for your car that's valid in the USA. And it's not the usual minimum amounts.

C. Insurance Policy
For events with public road transit sections, the owner/entrant must
warrant having a valid auto insurance policy with liability limits of not less
than $100,000/$200,000/$50,000 in force for each vehicle entered (this
includes support vehicles). Actual proof of such insurance showing limits
must be produced to event officials at registration.
A warrant of insurance (included on official entry form) must be signed by
the vehicle owner which states, “I warrant the competition vehicle has
current minimum insurance coverage of $100,000/$200,000/$50,000
which meets or exceeds the vehicle insurance standards established and
required by Rally America.” Rally vehicles without the required
documents will not be allowed to start the event.

Proof of insurance for the competition vehicle must be presented before the
start of the event. Proof of insurance consists of a policy declaration form
that lists one or more named insured individuals, one or more vehicles
covered by the policy and the limits of coverage. The declaration must list
either the entered driver or entered vehicle or both. If the entered driver is
not listed as the named insured, permission of use from the named insured is
required. If the vehicle is not listed as an insured vehicle, proof of ownership
is required and, if the driver is not the owner, permission of use from the
owner is required. If both the driver and the vehicle are listed, no additional
documentation is required for proof of insurance.
Proof of ownership can be either the title/ownership certificate or current
vehicle registration listing the registered owner. Permission of use can be an
authorization statement made directly to the registrar or an authorization
Proof of insurance for support vehicles (such as service trucks) must also be
presented before the start of the event. Proof of insurance consists of a
policy declaration form as above. Either one of the named insured on the
policy must be the entered driver, co-driver or a registered member of the
crew or permission of use for the support vehicle (as described above) is
required. In lieu of an insurance policy declaration, a rental agreement for
the vehicle is acceptable.

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Richard or Brad,

Are the roads similar to these? A bit more clayish?
There is a mix of hard packed clay and fresh gravel base added this week. These surfaces are mixed on the same stage. It will keep drivers on their toes.

Juanita and I spent yesterday checking the route book and talking to local farmers/ranchers. We had very positive responses from all. The good surprise was that two of last years stages that were deeply rutted this winter, have been graded and or had gravel added. They are sweet. There is an abundance of fugitive dust because we are in a drought. We selfishly don't want rain till Sunday afternoon, as the dust would turn to ruts over night. Pesky tractors.
Bring cameras to tech. They will be good promo photos as it is in the old railway station museum. Very :cool:
I'm pleased with the roads and pray that Ya'll have a safe trip here to enjoy the spring rallye in Texas.

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Pancho Villa kicking it into nuetral mode


Well we have some bad news, but we tried out best to find some last minute sponsors to try and make the race :( But doing the math we just cant afford it this year. We will make sure to be there next year. This is on the bucket list.

Good luck to all the teams and staff.

This year's budget only allowed us to run the King of the Hammers, where we proved we could race and finish as the first mexican american team in the history of this new motorsport.

We will be shutting down the engines for the USA racing season, and going into nuetral mode and recharging our batteries to come back with more Bongo Power in 2012.

Scott, thanx again for the tire offer.

By the way there may be a really cool invitational rally being planned for mid Feb 2012 on caliche and tarmac roads in Laredo, Texas. It will be an invitational event and all expenses will be covered for the teams, plus a decent purse. I will keep you updated here on the forum.

We are glad our Pug is now safe before the revolution breaks out in Mexico :mad:

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Well, howdit go?

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Transposed from my cellphone pics.

M.Huebbe/J.Huebbe 22:14.9, 2wd
VanWay/Mays 22:46.9, Lite
Wright/DeMotte 23:18.8, 2wd
Leonard/Matuschak 23:25.9, 2wd
L.O'Driscoll/C.O'Driscoll 25:05.3, 2wd
Keller/McDaniel 31:01.2, 2wd
Corn/Rowland dnf Lite
Fast/ , dnf, 2wd

Corn/Rowland 12:06.1, Lite
VanWay/Mays 12:18.5, Lite
M.Huebbe/J.Huebbe 12:26.3, 2wd
Leonard/Matuschak 12:36.4, 2wd
C.O'Driscoll/L.O'Driscoll 12:39.1, 2wd
Wright/DeMotte 12:43.8, 2wd
Keller/McDaniel 19:14.8, 2wd
B.Fast dns
(Pending official results posted, due to protest)
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