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Roll call re: CA wild fires

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Many of us are concerned about our friends in So Cal in light of the dangerous, incredible fires illuminating the night sky. Though perhaps this belongs in the CRS forum, I think people across the country are concerned so I post it here.

I propose a roll call for those who may be in harm's way to see who's okay and whom we can help. The rally community is global in nature and we are always prepared to help our friends.

In particular, I think Matt L, Chris S, and maybe even Don S are threatened by the Old Fire and the Grand Prix Fire. You guys and your families okay?

On a lesser note some folks, including Pat, Denise and myself, were invited to spend another night in Portland because all flights into SoCal were canceled. The news reports read "delayed" but I think they were trying to keep people from panicking. I hope Pat and Denise made it back okay--they'd left a message saying they might be driving south--but I can at least report that my Burbank flight made it safely to ground this afternoon. The air is thick with smoke but we're not in any immediate danger. (Our nearest fire is the Simi Valley blaze, a few miles northeast of us.)


[p align=right]John Dillon
John @ WidgetRacing.com
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Room with a view...

At 6am Saturday Morning

At 9 Am...

And when we got back the house was OK :) but we have some clean-up


PS -
Matt L and family are OK. I spoke to him at work today.
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Thanks John for your concern...we got back at 3pm today...our flight was cancelled in Portland yesterday and we were suggesting to the people in line... lets get a 15 passenger van?... and we would have charged very little to get back to SoCal... but everybody was needing to get back ASAP...some people were concerned about their homes. So we opted to stay overnight again and next day, they delayed out flight and then got us on the plane at 3pm...so we are back home...but the smoke from the air was so thick from Simi Valley we were just amazed...we hope things are well for every body and tell us if you have problems we will try to get provisions to you....
Leon Styles get ahold of us to see if you are okay?

Otherwise, the rally at Mt Hood was a success and great roads!!!! Everybody I talked to had a great time!!!! Kudos to Simon and his Oregon crew!!!! It was a fun rally.

P.S. Treeline rally should be okay IF the fire does not get to that area. I will be asking for everyone to donate to the burned out community(s) at the rally..we will forward donations to the proper organizations...so please bring extra cash competitors and lets show that the rally community cares and shares.

Denise McMahon
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The Wright / Barnett clan is doing fine. We are kinda in the middle of it all. (Lake Elsinore)
Though some of my staff have not faired too well. Most are from the San Diego area. One's brother lost his home, others couldn't get to work because of freeway/ road closures and others just plain stayed in town to help out.

Our prayers are with those who have lost loved ones or their homes or both.

Jim Wright/ Lourna Barnett
We're ok here in Ontario, about three miles south of the evacuation zone for the Granprix fire. The air is getting better as the fires move away from us. Many of my friends were evacuated, some didn't leave and stayed to shoot video; should be pretty amazing stuff. The weekend was the worst, stayed inside and watched videos all day.

check this out...


Gabe Pari
'93 Sentra #398
That satellite shot made it on the news clear out here in Minneapolis. Amazing!

>Leon Styles get ahold of us to see if you are okay?

I had a voice mail waiting for me this morning from Leon saying that he made it safely back to California.
Thanks for the concern! Everybody is ok here in Simi Valley.
I leave in Simi Valley for about 17 years and I never seen a devistation like this in Simi before, This weekend was an experience for us, I leave on Yosemite Ave. North of the 118 freeway next to Rocky Peak and the fire was across the freeway last sunday.
I was ready to evacuate my toys during that time, First the family then the 1)Rallycar, 2)Lexus 3)Tow Vehicle (DodgeRam P/U) 4)WRX 04, in that order!

Tony Dela Cuesta
Team DC Autosport
Yea, we are Ok. THe "Old fire" (Waterman canyon- now headed to Big Bear) was close to our house when it started, but headed mostly East-despite the southernly winds that where blowing almost directly towards my house. it would have had to take out some 35+ blocks of residential area to reach us. We are out of danger now- the fire has moved east and north- and west for that matter. we now have 4 co-workers whose homes are threatened, but everyone has made it out OK.

I think thus far, Bill has been the closest to the damage. those pictured he posted are from his front door. the fire was 2 blocks away and directly up-wind! thankfully he, his family, his neighbors, and their belongings where spared any serious damage.
Chris and Tina are okay

I got the following note from Chris and Tina:

i saw your post on special stage but i am not registered so i wanted to let you know that we have been evacuated and are safe. we are staying at tina's parents house.

the fire is still miles away from our house but things do not look good. because we live in a box canyon with only one way in and out the fire fighters will be unable to put up a defense.

i would prefer that the fire fighters and police officers abandoned our area because i would feel terrible if one of them lost their lives defending an empty house. we our fully insured so we can always rebuild. i will email you as soon as we are allowed to go back home.


[p align=right]John Dillon
John @ WidgetRacing.com
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Don is okay

I talked with Don 350 this afternoon. He's a pretty good distance from the fires so he's okay, though his commute between Loma Linda and Palmdale is a major pain since it takes him right through the San Bernadino blaze.


[p align=right]John Dillon
John @ WidgetRacing.com
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