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First night done

* 24 starters
* No problems during the 2 short spectator stages
* The first 5 cars are within a few seconds after these 2 stages

Follow the rally - as we are trying to put up results and news stories throughout the day.

Results on the Rocky website http://www.rockymountainrally.com

News on the CSCC message forum and here on special stage.

Shawn Bishop

Rocky Mountain Rally
Calgary, Alberta
May 23-24, 2003

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Went to your link, found results, clicked on that link and wnet to a page with the word results, no link and a bunch of sponsor links.

Where are Friday's results?


David Weiman
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What happened to ACP? Also, is there somewhere with results following each stage, as opposed to the single results table I saw? Eitehr way, it's nice to see results during the event. Hats off to you volunteers!

"There are only three sports: Bullfighting, motor racing and mountaineering; the rest are merely games!"

- Ernest Hemingway

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Hi All ... the Rocky was trying to make uo for last year's cold weather ad snowy roads by being HOT (29c)and dusty ...

ACP went out with a mechanical failure (not sure what exactly)on, Zibi Szewczyk decided to fllow Pat's example from bighorn, sherrding a wiring harness with a delaminated tire, Alain Lavoie droped a clutch cable in the Justy, Penny Mellor managed to loose a halfshaft after a particularly bad landing afyer a hop in the spectator area (made several small rocks out of a large one) CSCC president Eric Grochowski was running on 3 cylinders from the start, got stuck in 3rd, 3 stages form the end on tehir 3rd rally ... they say bad things come in threes ...

Tom McGeer won the event by 30 seconds over Pat, who had over 4 minutes on the Ericksons ...

Pix will be up soon ...
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