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The Rocky Mountain Rally is making up 2000+ ?rally packs? that will go on sale in local convenience stores, will be available at some of our pre-event promotions, and will be given to all the volunteers.
Basically it will include the spectator guide, our poster, some dicount coupons from sponsors ... and competing teams can put in content as they wish.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get some visibility for your team and your sponsors. With only 20 packs per store, and the packs having a value nearly 3 times that of the sticker price, you will get exposure with this promotion.

I am offering a design and supply service ? the basic item is a 5x7 hero card
3000(ish) will be about $425 for each design ? and that cover the rally Pack and would give you a handful to take to other events.

The price would include basic design and use of one of my images from 2003 (Quebec, Bighorn, Rocky, PFR) ? or a supplied image. You will also have to supply me your sponsor logos digitally ;-)

This needs to be done QUICKLY so let me know ASAP. Dealine is early next week ;-)

contact me at keith @ morison.ca (remove spaces)
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