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Hello All,

We seem to be getting a million phone calls from people wanting to know what happened to us, etc, etc,.

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out and helped at the event and thanks to all of the organizers who put together a great show.

The Beetle was running great, tons of power (we turned the boost down to 12 from 30), Jeff and I were really getting a good rhythym going. First time through the stage where Tom and Howard went off, the triangles certainly slowed us down and kept us safe. Second time through we were flying! L6 flat out, in fifth gear at 4000 rpm, about 140KMH, over the crest, and NO MORE ROAD! the car jumped the first ledge, land upside down on the second ledge, bounced high enough to clear the fence and then rolled twice more to leave us wheels down and facing the wrong way, about 70 feet down from the road and about 250 away from the road.

We made it back up to the road and got the triangles out, before the next car, then went down to assess the situation. Some pieces of the fan had broken off and lodged into the cam belt area, after clearing them we started the car and all seemed well. The left rear wheel had taken the major impact on one of the rolls and was bent on the hub by about 45 degrees. (the rim wasn't even bent!). My apologies to the farmer whos fence we took down to get back out, after the last car had gone by, we drove the car out to the end of the stage.

Great safety equipment and some smart design work saved us from injury, no seat belt bruises or stiffness, my knee got a bit of a tweak but is fine know. We replaced the beam axle and the car has been checked for alignments, frame and wheel and is perfect. the doors and windows work fine. A new hood and roof skin and we should be on our way very quickly.

Cheers to all, and we look forward to seeing everyone at PFR in June.

Miles McEwing and Jeff Smith
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