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I just received word from Steve Winter that "Rock" Laeng, dad to Tom and granddad to Aaron and Cassie, passed away today. Tom was crew chief for Lauchlin and me a couple of years ago and Rock was frequently there helping out. He had the kind of handshake that told you he was honest, hard working, and happy to know you. His calloused grip spoke volumes about his work around cars and trucks, welders and power tools, wrenches and screwdrivers.

It was always a pleasure to chat with Rock. I remember one time in the northwest Rock and I went out to do the odo check. A scenic overlook detained us as we decided to walk down the path a half mile or so. It was then I realized his caring nature extended beyond people to the very world at large. He could appreciate the splendor of a view as easily as the beauty of a well-tuned machine.

I rarely had a chance to see Rock these last few years. Lauchlin has gone factory, I'm racing ProRallies with a Mad Kiwi, and Tom is crew chief for Steve at club-level events, so our paths have diverged dramatically. Still, I feel a loss, grey and ill-defined, because I know I won't ever get a chance to check out another coastline with that weathered old guy with an iron grip.

Tom, Gwen, Aaron, Cassie, and the rest of the family, our thoughts go out to you in this time of sorrow. As you grieve for your dad, Tom, take joy in knowing that he was a solid man, a good man, and that those characteristics carry on in you and your kin. Thank him for those qualities, forgive him for leaving you now, and smile as he completes his journey into the sunshine of your memories.



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I wish I had your eloquence. You remember Tom's dad the same way I do.

Tom, I cannot express myself as John can but my heart and thoughts are with you and your family.

We'll remember your father every time we go racing.

Steve and Lyn Winter #344

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My deepest sympathy goes to the entire Laeng family. Tom, Gwen, Aaron and Casey.

Rock crewed for me in 2001 when I ran the National Championship, and I remember like it was yesterday, when we spend some good times together.


Tony Chavez

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Our deepest sympathy goes to the Laeng family. Tom, Gwen, Aaron, Casey and the rest of their family.
It is always great to have you all arround at all times.
From the entire Plsek family and TMS crew.

-george plsek jr

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Tom,Gwen,Aaron,Cassie & Family,

Very sorry to hear about your loss. What a great, solid, warm hearted, fun loving man. Always as nice as could be, ever helpful.
I'll never forget the great times/fun we had with Rock...

Minerva and I give are heartfelt condolences to a wonderful family.

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