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I am trying to assemble some information and photos relating to the Heuer / Robo Rally Computers, and a couple of related rally timing devices. I realize that there was a discussion on the subject a couple of years ago -- http://www.specialstage.com/forums/s...ighlight=heuer -- but I have some questions:

-- Does anyone here own one of these Heuer / Robo Rally Computers (big blue box)?

-- Does anyone have a copy of the instructions or schematics? Or are there other good sources of information about the Heuer / Robo Rally Computers?

-- What about the smaller black box with the Heuer Sebring attached (fourth photo below)? It attaches to the Heuer / Robo Rally Computer, through the “Accessories” input plug, but what is this device called, who made it, and how does it function? Does anyone know anything about this “black box” device, with the Sebring attached?

-- Finally, the very last photo shows a smaller Heuer timing computer? Can anyone tell me anything about this one?

Thanks in advance for any information!!
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