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Thanks to all the organizers and everyone that competed! You all put on a great show! :) I forgot to add that everything was great except for the @#[email protected]#% son of a @#$%@ in a white golf who decided that after the heros welcome thing he was going to go ahead a get even with the large number of subarus at the event by trying to throw a golf ball at one of them while they were on the road. Now you might think that hey maybe a golf ball just fell out of the sky or possibly theres a golf course or driving range near by right? Well this coward was sitting on the side of the road and pulled out as soon as he saw a new wrx leave the parking lot. Then someone threw a golf ball out of the car at the wrx and hit my car instead good shot! I think its a little disturbing to see so many wrxs in one place but deal with it! Mabye if VW sponsored every rally event in the us some more golfs would show up.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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