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I spent the weekend out prepping spectator areas, and I
got a peek at some of the roads. This is an El Nino year
and we are getting rain fairly regularly. In fact, the
current predicts shows thunderstorms for the event.

The roads were very nicely graded just a few weeks back,
but inches of rain have cut some sharp trenches into the
road. I did not see any big ones, but they might be out
there... And I expect they will deepen before the first
car lets loose.

Drainage is really good, so even in a light rain you don't
end up with boggey stuff as a rule.

If you are coming out I would suggest warm, dry clothing.
We could see 40 degree weather with sideways rain. Reports
are for scattered thunderstorms however, so don't let it stop

Paul Timmerman
Chief of Spectator Areas
Rim of the World "03
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