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First of all congratulations to all the competitors that finished what was a very very rough rally finishing is a victory in itself. Pat put in a sterling drive on a rough event and was in a class of his own. As usual there was a number of spectators and I imagine that all the work crews must have busted their humps to get the roads to be passable, it has been a tough year weatherwise and we appreciate your effort. To all organizers, and volunteers without you we would have no event to run so thank you.

Matt and Ole job well done and it was a pleasure to work with you.

Dennis and Kim you gave the Focus the baptism it deserved we almost made it to the finish so to next time and thank you for your effort and strong drive.

Victor and Abel it was not meant to be but we will get after it at Pikes Peak.

Cem and Cagan you overcame a lot of maechanical adversity to do the best you could we will get them next time.

Laengworks (Big Tom, Aaron, Jess, Don, and everyone else) thanks for giving the Focus a lift back home and the use of the drill without we wouldnt have gotten far without the help.

Clint from Vermont thank you for the lug nuts really appreciated that.

Ken Kwong and Mark Moore (and the rest of Pat's crew sorry I cannot remember everyone's name) thanks for the wheel stud and rear main seal I really appreciated it and I have a new one in the mail to you.

The truck team that gave us like ten vacuum caps thanks much!

With that I am going to sleep for a week see you all at the next event.

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