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get their attention! It would also get the FIA's attention, I'm sure, and make rally news globally. ARSG, Ray, Roger, CNAR - time to step up to the plate. Where would the SCCA be then? Up a creek without an event. The SCCA is at the point where they get enough revenue from the manufacturers that it may not be in their best interest to stop sanctioning rally in the US. Bravo Mike and Paula! Enough SCCA pandering to manufacturers!!

Desert Storm Rally
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Hopefully fairly low. But I'm being optimistic there.
Hopefully this is just a wake up call.

What I'd _rather_ see is a concerted effort on the part of the
BoD, the PRB, and rally management to get off their collective
arses and do REAL WORK to fix what has so obviously up until
recently just been grumbling, and now open and blatant
passive resistance. But lets be realistic. Anything
these people do attempt will probably never been told
to the membership unless organizers force it.

This didn't happen overnight. I've met many of the organizers
of the pro series. There has been grumbling for some time
now from things being rammed down some throats to foolish
arguements that were based on egos and pride at HQ and
carried into public (that never should have happened)and
embarased all involved. As far back as SCCA attacking the
owners of old event names, its been obvious the "club"
refered to isn't in the organizational sense.

SCCA claims to be a club, but the management style and awful
lack of communication that has existed for the last couple
years has finally taken its toll. Hopefully things can only
get better. Hopefully.


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Thank you for the nice thoughts about the ARSG but please don't get us involved in this mess! We've got no plans for taking on the headaches of a sanctioning body. We are completely committed to continuing to put on a quality event and making the best business decisions to insure our survival at a very tough time.

We think there are good things ahead for the many good event organizers that have put in decades building this sport. Their work and sacrifice is the foundation on which the recent growth has be built. At long last, it appears the sport in the U.S. has hit critical mass. The question is do we have a meltdown or allow them to gain some recognition and benefits from their efforts.

Ray Hocker

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Lopsided approaches are always doomed. I don?t pretend to have solid numbers but my guess is that most of the volunteers, organizers, participants, and fans of US Pro Rally came through Club Rally one way or another. Take away that and you loose a major supplier of supporters.

To some extent the same thing has happened and is happening in collegiate sports with Title 9 and lopsided implementation. As colleges attempt to comply (equalize spending and participation among sexes) they cut or eliminate smaller men?s sports to balance against massive football programs. As a sport losses half of its participants, there go half the fans, volunteers, and supporters (volleyball and track come to mind). Less people equal less interest and, therefore, the sport suffers.

As a sizeable bock of SCCA members couldn?t we vote or otherwise amend the SCCA into what it should be doing, i.e. growing the sport as a whole club and pro?

Scott Koch
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Forget the Title 9 Argument, until the colleges stop spending 100+ thousand to put the home team up in a hotel the night before a game....

As for the rest of it? I don't have answers, only questions. Like:

Organizers, how many of you have canvassed _all_ your local tv and newspaper sports editors?? How many of you have ever gotten a response? OK a positive response (not "quit bothering us!")


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>Organizers, how many of you have canvassed _all_ your local
>tv and newspaper sports editors?? How many of you have ever
>gotten a response? OK a positive response (not "quit
>bothering us!")

I think you're missing the point. The organizers are saying they don't have time/volunteers for this crap. This is the kind of stuff SCCA should be doing in return for all the requirements the home office has been dumping on organizers. I.e. you put up these Subaru banners, and we'll take care of getting some show cars and interest drummed up. I suspect (mind you, I'm not an organizer) that SCCA is having a hard time holding up it's end of the bargain. The organizers, once bitten and twice shy, are getting nervous. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

Dennis Martin
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The question is do
>we have a meltdown or allow them to gain some recognition
>and benefits from their efforts.
>Ray Hocker

Ray and other organizers,

Thank you for all your work and for your willingness to discuss this subject in public! I'm a little naive about how SCCA is making the organizers unhappy. Can someone fill me in with some more details on what is meant by your statement "allow them to gain some recognition and benefits from their efforts"?

Jim Cox
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