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I received this e-mail the other day. Way to go, Peter and Alex! Congrats on a nice finish.




You do realise that three Brits are in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the
ProRally Championship at the moment? Can David Higgins make it
4 wins in a row on the Susquehannock Rally. Will brother Mark
upset the apple cart or will Mark Lovell storm past them both?
Rally preview is at

Our photographer friends in the US, Todd Bloomer and Chris Scurti,
have sent some great photos from the last round, the Rim of the
World Rally at www.rallycodriver.co.uk/prorally2002/rim.htm where
Petter Solberg (he of Subaru fame and destined to be World
Champion very soon, in my opinion) ran as course car. The man
looked to be having far too much fun, me thinks!

Peter Workum and Alex Gelsomino, regular top ten finishers in the
ProRally Series, came over the pond and took on the forests of
the Rally of Wales for the very first time and acquitted
themselves very well. They sported no 48 on the car but were
rightly re-seeded at about 34 and finished 20th overall, working
with David Higgins' team.

Alex kindly took time out of his schedule to have a chat with us
but we totally missed out on meeting up with the ProRally
co-ordinator, Kurt Spitzner, who was over here checking out how
rallies are run this side of the water. I had completely
forgotten that mobile phones just do not work in the depths of
Sweet Lamb!

Different rules, different cars, but plenty of British and Irish
competitors fly to the US for each event. Go to
www.rallycodriver.co.uk/prorally2002/home.htm for all the gen.

More news soon!


John Dillon John @ WidgetRacing.com

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The first report on this website is from none other Mike Jones!
Mike Jones was our guest to come over for the first time to witness a USA rally.... which was Rim Of The World. As you can see he had a great time and had a lot of questions about how we do things over here in the states. He loves seeing the Ford Mustangs over here and is considering renting one because he is coming back over by the end of this year for another rally. As far as next year I should have the Marshall Commander of the Network Q coming over to see how we do things over here. He has e-mailed me about his interest on USA rallying.
So thanks Mike for your kind words and hoepfully he has kind words in his report that he is sending me on enhancing the sport over here. There was one thing he did mentioned right away....why don't you use the USA flag to start the cars? That's what is done in Europe and everyone understands about your compassion regarding your love of your country. Something to think about if the SCCA will change there mind on flag design.

Denise McMahon
Rim Of The World Rally

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>....why don't you use the USA flag to start the cars?
>That's what is done in Europe and everyone understands about
>your compassion regarding your love of your country.
>Something to think about if the SCCA will change there mind
>on flag design.

The press release mentioned that Kurt was over there watching how the Rally of Wales was conducted. Perhaps this is something he'll bring back to the states with him.

Bear in mind, however, that we tend to be a bit more sensitive about we handle our flags.... just ask Abby Hoffman! I'm not sure certain people who claim to be patriots would appreciate hanging the flag in the dust/mud/rain/snow that usually accompanies our events. And you have to go through special rituals when stowing the flag.

Personally, however, I'd love to see U.S. flags starting each stage.

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