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Hello my name is Seth and I have an addiction to rally.
I had this addiction back in the early 2000's, attending and photographing every SCCA Rally (RIP) event then moving to Canada and crewing for the Jon Nichols Motorsport VW Golf across Canada. At that time I started to build my own XR4 rally car but spent most of my time at work building and tuning engines for customers, then I moved back to the USA and sold it in Canada before competing in it.
I had a bit of a rally hiatus while I entered the world of electric cars but now that addiction is back!
I'm currently in vehicle dynamics development engineering, mostly on the data side of things but I still get my hands dirty and keep a bit of fabrication practice going.
I recently purchased a salvaged Fiesta ST, driving the car now on the back roads of California getting used to my first ever FWD. Plans are in place to take the steps through rally cross to stage rally.
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