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If you have had a good finish at Bemidji, or Wild West and if you have one at LSPR , please forward me info about your team.

Specifically, if you had a top 10 finish overall, or top 5 in your class in the Pro Rallies, or if you were in a podium finish position at any point in the event but DNF'd, or had a flat that set you back...etc. please send me a couple paragraphs about your experience at the event. And if you or your car has an interesting background, send that to me too. It doesn't have to be a full-on professional press release, just some info that maybe I could use for the Speed shows. no promises, but I can't mention the fun stuff if I don't know it....

send it to:
russproduction at verizon dot net (trying to avoid spam here...)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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