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I am creating a web site for the Vintage Rally Car Championship, and I would like to include some pictures of your historic (1989 or older) cars in action.

The pictures should be of your car in either a modern rally, or back when you ran it in the old days. Also include a short description such as year, make and model of the car; the event name and year; the name of the driver and co-driver; and anything else you want to include. Omit anything you don’t want published, or don’t remember. I will not include your email or other contact information with the pictures. You may send as many pictures as you want but, hopefully, I will have too many to use more than one per car.

If the picture is copyrighted by the photographer, please include that information. Photographers are an important part of our sport, and we should give credit where credit is due.

Please send your pictures, as email attachments, to [email protected], being careful to spell my last name correctly.

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