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To ansrew all those interested in the Reno Rally..

As 'Clerk of the Course' I have been busy getting road permits for some great roads close to Reno. Crossing over the California state line on several occasions, I have been in close contact with Sierra County on gainning their permission to run these roads. The people of Sierra County have been helpfull and willing to work with me.

When asked, I went out and got assistance from a local promoter named Randy Burke from Roadshows for some help in getting a host hotel. Randy was able to get the Silver Legacy to set aside a block of rooms and donate space for get togethers etc. The plan thru Roadshows was to be a part of The World Chili Cook-off being held in reno the same weekend. Roadshows has reserved space on Virginia St near the Reno Arch for the cars to be displayed and also have start and finish controls there as well. The charge for space and police protection would be donated by Roadshows.

The problem that is now facing the Reno Rally is that the chairperson in charge has bailed out and support for the NWR was also pulled as well. I was notified almost a month after the fact that it had happened. The head position of Chairman had been taken up by John Forespring who has already more than enough to do with Wild West and some health issues that have come up as well. john has seen the roads that I have been working on and thought they were great also.

I have great roads along with a host hotel and site. What I don't have is the workers to put the Rally on with or any real idea if things such has HAMs or EMTs have been dealt with.

Sierra County wants an anserw ASAP if the Rally is going to happen this year or not. Unless there is a strong showing of support and people still willing to come and play, I think it best to cancel this year and build on what I have started towards next year. Maybe I will have to break down and be at least co-chairman next year.

Thaaks everyone,

David Hackett
1-775-843-8973 Cell
1-775-329-1447 Work
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