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Here is that latest on the Reno Rally:
WE HAVE CHANGED THE HOST HOTEL. We apologize for this change, but it is for the
better. Here is the information on the new host hotel:
The new host is the Regency Sands Hotel and Casino located at 345 N. Arlington Ave.,
Reno, NV 89501. The toll-free registration number is (800) 648-3553. Mention the
Reno Rally, and use GROUP CODE SCC403 to get the rally room rate. The rally room rate
is the same as before: $49/night for Friday and Saturday nights. Also, you can get
rooms on Thurs, Sunday or Monday nights for $29/night.
This is a change for the better. Again, we are sorry to have to do this, but as some
of you found out, the other place wouldn't/couldn't/didn't set up the block, so we
found a place that would.
Other information:
The tentative Sup. Regs. should be on the website within about 24 hours. I am making
the changes regarding the host hotel now, and then will get them to the webmaster for
posting. They can be found at:

Thank you to those who have sent in your entries already! We should have a list of
entries on the website by the end of the week.
We are still in need of volunteers for the event. If you are interested in helping
out in any way possible, please feel free to email me at: [email protected]
We are in need of control crews, stage workers, hams, and spectator marshals.
Hope to see you in Reno!!
Matt Tabor, Co-Chair-Reno ClubRally
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