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For those of us that experience the traditional watching
of Rendezvous In Wellsborough every June..
There is a new version..
Nissan has made a 6 min movie very similar to Rendezvous,
That stars the new Z car?
Check it out, it will be available soon in DVD format.

The Movie trailer in RealPlayer can be found here:
or you can choose your player here:

A very low quality version of the original in windows format:

Maybe someone knows of a good quality version
of the original on the net somewhere...


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I saw it, and it sucked. The car supposedly ran full speed with no trick camera stuff, but going over a crest at a speed my Lancer would have flew on, the car barely unload the suspension. I'm suspicous. Plus, the road was closed and "stunt" traffic was added instead of the real stuff. Give kudos to Nissan for trying, but in the end they just didn't get it.

Dennis Martin
[email protected]
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