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Slice them into 2 payments please...

Make your first RA event $50 ($100 total for driver / co-driver)
Make your second RA event $50 ($100 total for driver / co-driver)
Third event - FREE! :D (as you paid for your license)
If you want to join the nationals it's $50 (Just for points - not for the opportunity to run a 3 day rally...)

Now - organizers may not do this anymore. I seem to remember MFPR being split up into a 1(or 2) day club rally and a 3 day pro rally. So if I wanted to do all three days at Maine (I realize the 3 day entry fee would be more) - I'd also have to cough up $300 for myself and my co-driver to do a regional "national" event.

Some may say - "Oh my sheesh it's JUST $200."
I say - "Spread the payments out - we're on a budget here."
In Dodge Neon money = $200 could buy me: A set of rims, or 2 rally tires, or a tranny, or a strut, or half a used motor, or two doors, or front windshield, etc. etc.

What happened to us last year:
In our region we have 3 'close' RA events & 4 'close' NASA events.
We considered running Treeline at $425. Then you add $200 for the licenses and now that's $625. The only way to get your 'monies worth' is to run 2 or 3 RA events. It's GREAT that I have the ability to do that - but some may not. We only had the budget for 2 rallies last year. In this case, why would I do 1 RA event and 1 NASA event??

With NASA we paid $80 (driver and co-driver) for our first event at Gorman Ridge, then paid $100 more in Prescott. A lot easier for us and it supported the decision to run NASA events last year. (We volunteered to help at Treeline instead!)

That's it... Payments :)
Think about the guys that have 3 RA events and 1 NASA event local to them. How about the guys that have 3 NASA events and 1 RA event local to them? On a regional (local) rally - $80 is always better then $200.

Anyone else in this situation?

This topic is NOT for discussion of - which event is better, which organization is better, etc.
"Is it good for the sport?"

- Kris

"Rally with the people!"

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I agree with your thoughts

We ran regional RA last year.

The change this year in regards to Dual entry put us in a bind.

Do we pay it and hope for the best or pay regional and maybe wish we were national.

A payment plan would be a neat. It would allow a process to soften the hard edge between being a wantabe and a active racer.


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Kris, I'm guessing here, but maybe if you only pay half the fee, you're not fully covered by the insurance. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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>Kris, I'm guessing here, but maybe if you only pay half the
>fee, you're not fully covered by the insurance. Correct me if
>I'm wrong.
>Can't see me in your mirrors?
>I must be in front of you!
Based on the insurance certificate we received from RA for the Rallye de Paris, I do not think that is the case. Unlike SCCA which based insurance coverage on membership, RA and NASA are not membership organizations.

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Well I haven't co-driven for more than a year and have recently been asked to co-drive in Oregon in the National event. To me, $200 to run one event seems very steep, especially since I don't really have the time to do more than that this year. $100 would be a lot more reasonable.

I think I'll pass. What a shame.

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