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Somebody passed a quote to me, reputedly from Mario Andretti...to the effect of...

Why worry about the past, it's history
Why worry about the future, there's no guarantee it's going to happen
The Present is the only place for living.

Add that to the basic lesson in almost any Sinclair Lewis novel (among others, I'm sure)...
failure to step up to the plate means you'll never strike out,
but you'll also never hit a home run.

The risks we take as rallyists should be evident to us all when we strap in. But it is our chosen way of feeling what it is to be alive. To shy away from it out of fear....to get on the horse to Samara....is to simply choose another (and more certain) form of death.

Thanks for the thoughts, JV. We've been thinking about this in our shop a lot lately.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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