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Trying to make an updated list of people that are still doing cages in the NW. I will update as I find people

Dave Clark in Kent, WA (Dave Clark Motorsports) 425-221-2470 (Cage, prep, anything you need)
Derik Nelson (Day 3 Creations) in Redmond, WA 206-200-1124 (Cage)
Steven Redd, Woodland WA [email protected] (Cage)
Steven Olona, Westminster, CO (not in NW but great fab guy) 614-935-3640 (Cage, prep)
Brandon Woods (The Auto Stop) Longview, WA (360) 241-2282 (Prep, anything else)

Not everyone on this list does everything. Some are cage builders, some can help with other general maintenance and prep. But all are good people and good resources to have.
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