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Well, three of the nine Canadian national events now have recce - we're about to do Defi notes for the first time on the first weekend in September. Like Quebec - recce Thursday, rally begins Friday, concludes Saturday. I don't know but I suspect that Charlevoix may go to a less ambitious recce schedule than in the past - in any case we've got good notes from several years on that event - we just refine them now (NOW I feel like a WRC driver!). Note that these events attract big entries from the US - at Charlevoix last year Buffum ran his only rally of the year, and at Rallye de Quebec Mitsubishi brought the two US cars and Choiniere came as well. There's a correlation between having pace notes allowed and the level of prestige and sophistication of the event.

Interesting that the three Canadian pace note events are are all in Quebec. There's a cultural aspect to this, I think. The novices aren't afraid to try to make notes, some teams aren't afraid to make notes and sell them (the liability issues make the hair stand up on the back of my neck), and the road owners are, perhaps, more accomodating. It is rallying, after all. The French get it.

But the lesson is I'm not sure it has to be all that daunting. I don't know why a rally can't do a one-day intense recce on the Friday or, for the Friday-Saturday events, on the Thursday.

Anyway I don't think there's any problam at all with the Jemba notes - I think it's fantastic that they're available to everyone, and so reliable. I just like pace notes too.

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