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I think the notes prepared by Pete Lahm will work for all but maybe less than 10 teams in the United states. If you aren't seed 1 or higher, you're not going fast enough (in my opinion) for the recce to make much difference. The notes are very very good. But they are "Safety" notes, and are not individually tailored for each team.

Pete has to have the roads available for him, another 15 cars a minute apart probably could be dealt with at most places.

30+ cars? No way, probably not any event could handle that.

Its about coming to a compromise that the Organisers could actually work with, and giving the teams that are at the very front of the field the opportunity to have the best course notes possible. But that opportunity should be expensive, because its a major addition of time and expense for the Organiser. There is no way Recce could be done at most places without signifigant cost. Thats why I threw a figure of $1000 out there. Its probably enough to convince landowners to allow more vehicles to traverse the course a couple of days earlier.

If only the top few open class cars take advantage of the Recce, then the typical National competitor and all Club competitors can use the current "safety" notes and do just fine. There is no need for them to add to the cost.

If you are really gung ho about doing Recce, there is probably a Canadian event reasonably close, or Laughlin.
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