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Going with Andy's TSD idea... because I compete in TSDs and know what they're about:

One of the good points about doing the Dryad Quest rally as a TSD because we couldn't have it as a ClubRally is that we use some of the same roads for Wild West, 3 months later.

So, a smart co-driver would have been supplementing the route instructions with their own scribblings, and an in-car camera, so the team could watch and "practice" in their living room until they had the roads down pat. :) Of course, we didn't think of that before the event, but we paid attention to the roads, etc.

It exposes the other side of rally to the performance rallyists, and it gives the organizers a chance to do a sort-of recce under the guise of a TSD rally, which, in this case, appeased the landowner so we could use the roads for Wild West.

No one had to take extraordinary amounts of time off work, entry fees were low, we all got a weekend of low-stress, low-maintenance, high-fun, and now we're all set for Wild West. Right? :)

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