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Hi, Folks,

The 2010 edition of the Widget Recce Workshop is a "Go!" for the 27th of February in Thousand Oaks, CA, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

This workshop is designed to help everyone from newbies to experienced competitors to get the most out of recce.

This workshop is for both Drivers and Codrivers.

Sessions will be a blend of classroom and on-the-road training.

Street cars are perfectly acceptable as all training roads will be paved, public highways.

Entry fee is $59 for one person, $99 for a driver and co-driver team

I recommend that you also attend the Ridgecrest Rally School a week earlier, but it's not required.

Mike G will have the online entry form up and running soon, available through the CRS web site.

The classroom (the Greenhouse Cafe's meeting room) holds around 20 people.

Rally on!

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