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I'm brand new to Rally racing this year. I've been a casual fan of the sport for a while, and have always enjoyed motorsports in general. But, I had never considered becoming a competitive driver. Then, in 2011, I moved to the Seattle area and noticed online that a Rally school called Dirtfish that was just getting started in the PNW. I was very interested at the time in signing up for a class. But, I was busy with work and a new house, and I put it off. Fast forward 6 years. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a 3-Day All Wheel Drive Beginner's class at DirtFish in Jan 2018. I was immediately hooked! Within 30 days of finishing the first course I had already signed up for the 3-Day AWD Advanced class (coming up in May 2018) and a 1 day AWD "refresher course" that I just completed this past weekend. It's just too much fun for words.

I can't wait to pick up a cheap car and get sideways in the dirt. I'm competitive to a certain extent. But honestly, for me Rally driving is just a hell of a lot of fun in a car and a great way to blow off some steam from the everyday grind. I'm looking forward to racing, but primarily as a way to meet some great people and feed my rally addiction. I appreciate any advice and suggestions you care to send my way.

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