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Beginning in 2004, the Rim of the World Rally will be headed up by its creator and original chairman, Ray Hocker. Paula Gibeault, event chairman for the past 20 years, said, ?Ray has the vision, experience, and desire to expand Rim?s commercial possibilities. This is much needed with the recent growth of the sport. I am looking forward to returning my personal efforts to the operational aspects of the event.?

Ray, who created Rim in 1976, commented, ?My goal is to focus on key marketing and promotional opportunities. I?m looking forward to working in this new capacity with the terrific Rim committee and continuing Rim?s traditions as one of America?s premier SCCA ProRally events.?

*Note: As this decision was made prior to the Pennsylvania accident, we felt it should be announced to allay the possibility of rumors.

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Cool! Ray was great to work with at Rim this year. Bill Montgomery reported a three minute mistake on our SS1 score (I guess a European style 4 looked a lot like a 7) and Ray & crew handled the ensuing restart shuffle Saturday morning with aplomb. Ray seemed to me to always be approachable despite the harried nature of his duties this year - Bravo!

While the RealAutoSport competition crew endeavors to thank each worker we chat with along the rally route we don't usually stop for road marshals or seek out the many behind-the-scenes workers, so from the StudBug crew, THANKS RIM WORKERS! A special thank you goes to the organizing crew for treating us better than we probably deserved! I hope the Beetle's appearance added to the event as much as you hoped it might.

Halley ...
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... hehehe

- no Gibeaults at RIM ???
that'll happen when Palmdale Freezes over in May ...

Congrats Ray, great to have you runnin' the show from now on !
Does this mean watches for all the CRS class winners ???

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Thanks, Mike and Paula! Welcome, Ray!

First off, a HUGE Thank You to Mike and Paula Gibeault and their cast of thousands (including 3 daughters and sundry boyfriends-in-law) for all their hard work over the years. I'm a relative "newbie" to the sport, so by the time I experienced Rim 10 years ago it was Mike and Paula who organized it.

Secondly, welcome (back) Ray to the position of "chief target" for 2004. Ray has done a lot for our club over the years, especially for the Divisional PRO Rally--excuse me, ClubRally--competitors. He's also worked with Roger Allison and others to put on my favorite rally of the year, the Ramada Express International Rally.

Rim gets better every year. Even with the incredible weather we endured in 2003, the organizers managed to work a miracle and salvage enough of the event to make it meaningful. I know that the "continually improving" curve will continue its trend in the coming years. If there are ways I can help, please let me know.

Rally on!



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RE: Thanks, Mike and Paula! Welcome, Ray!

Thank you all for the support and encouragement.

Donna and I have worked as a part of the Rim staff for many years and feel privileged be a part of the "Rim team". We are pleased to also announce that Pat McMahon will be taking on the role of Clerk of the Course and Denise McMahon will continue as Chief of Staff. At this time, it looks like the rest of the team will all be coming back. Every year there are a few position shifts just to keep their jobs interesting.

The Gibeault's will continue to have a huge presence in the event. Along with helping us to do our job right, they're eager to dig in to the areas of greatest interest. Paula will continue to work directly with the U.S. Forest Service and during the event she'll work with the event communications team. Mike has tons of innovative new scoring and event control ideas he wants to develop.

One of the real strengths of this team is how everyone works all year to improve their area of responsibility with new innovations and techniques. Its easy to keep things fresh and exciting with this many creative people. The team's new ideas, concepts and the excellent volunteer training they provide help many other events.

Ray Hocker

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RE: Thanks, Mike and Paula! Welcome, Ray!

Mike and Paula are a great asset to Rally and I don't doubt that will continue! ;)
Ray and Donna were both wonderful down in Palmdale this year...here is to next year with better weather.

I was really hoping for sun...I got the same lovely rain/wind/cold that we have here in Oregon.

Maybe I will even get to run Rim next year.

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