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Hi guys

John, forgive me for jumping into your post but the other Ramada post was taking a turn for the worse.

I just returned from Ramada (my 3rd rally) and want to say thanks to Roger, Ray, Donna and all the volunteers who helped put on the event. It was great and we had a fantastic time. Fast roads, organized, we were kept informed etc.

The timing & scoring was so good it was surreal. At one point we did the climb up the mountain, transited to the turn around point where I called my wife in North Carolina, and got my results for the stage. Very cool. Thanks Mike G.

I also need to thank all the people who helped us along the way. I feel like I have spent three days in the Tabor rally school! Bruce, Janice and Kristen were fantastic and offered us valuable advice every step of the way. We had a blast racing with Bruce on Sunday and I can hardly wait to race with this group again. When I think about what rally is supposed to be about, I think this group embodies it. Fun, Fast, Safe.

We also recieved a ton of advice and encouragement from Craig Hollingsworth about how to drive the car and what to look out for. Sunday alone he helped us go substantially faster. It is not very often in motorsports where the class leader gives time and advice to a newbie, especially not as much as I recieved from Craig.

We had a great time, Thanks.

Brad M
Flat Out & Sideways:7
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