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I've got to extend thanks to so many people this time:
[li]the "usual cast of suspects" (Hockers, Gibeaults, Allisons, et al),
[li]the many incredible workers who adapted to sudden changes when stages had to be repositioned,
[li]the weather steward for nice warm breezes on Sunday and comfortable temps the rest of the weekend, (the pre-event weather steward needs a bit of training, however!)
[li]the staff of the Ramada Express (Robin, Susan and Sean, etc) for the $18 rooms, cool start ramp, and so much more,
[li]the incredible crew (Scott, Joel, Jo Anne, Denny, Caryn, Julie) for making me feel like part of the family,
[li]Our fellow competitors, whose friendliness and helpfulness reminds me constantly about why I love this sport,
[li]Wolfgang for the wonderful ride and my first Group N victory, and especially
[li]Julie for giving up the passenger seat so I could go fast at Ramada again, even though all she had was a little head cold.

And NO, Julie's not pregnant!


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John @ WidgetRacing.com
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