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Ramada Express International Rally

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So here I am, gearing up for great fun at Wild West, and planning ahead towards Treeline and Prescott and maybe even LSPR, so naturally the Ramada Express International Rally in Laughlin comes to mind.

Man, I can't wait! If you haven't raced in the Grand Canyon, you need to come out and do this event. It's wonderful fun. If you have, then you already understand my love for this venue. Sure, it's a real challenge: variable weather, fast roads in some spots, twisty bits in others, and long transits, but every bit of the rally is worth it. Oh, yeah, there's prize money too, but that's not the big motivator for me or probably most of you.

Tonight I went to the web site to check out the entry fees and saw that the organizers show how the fee was calculated: the entry fee includes 4 nights of two hotel rooms (eight room nights total) so when you look at the cost it's fair, especially for a rally with as many stage miles as you get at this gig.

Like I said, I can't wait to go.... it's the highlight of the season! Hope you'll be there too. Start planning for it now!

John @ WidgetRacing.com
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