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The provisional starting order and car number list for the Ramada Express International Rally is now posted at http://rallyusa.com/int_entry_list.html

Today's weather report comes for Arne Johansson busy doing the event's stage notes. Arne reports that it is warm and sunny. He says, "A bit warm in the car when you're in the sun!".

From the Clerk of the Course:
It is still dry but there are some bad mud holes left from earlier rains. Good tow straps or come-alongs would be well advised. A couple of mud holes could be difficult for two-wheel drive cars if they are slowed. Continued warm, dry weather or freezing temperatures could ease this concern over the next 11 days.

At least one Friday stage may need to be removed if heavy rains proceed the rally.

Teams that have not yet ordered Stage Notes are encouraged to do so right away.

Ray Hocker
Clerk of the Course
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