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ONLY $125

RallyX at The FIRM is a new off road racing series that will consist of timed race laps on a 80/20 off-road to tarmac race course. The drivers have to navigate through a challenging course to compete for the quickest lap times which means fast driving and plenty of sideways sliding. The lap times are added up at the end of the day for a total time and those times are what decide the results. The course will use dirt roads and sections of our professional road course to add up to around 2.3 mile race circuit. Each lap is usually around 3 minutes which gives the drivers plenty of time to push their skills to the test.

We will be doing 6 timed runs. The classes are:
Modified AWD
Stock AWD
Modified FWD
Stock FWD
Modified RWD
Stock RWD

Register at: http://gorally.com/store/#!/Rally-Cross-Entry/c/11055011/offset=0&sort=normal
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