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Rallyman is a board game that simulates a race car rally, with all the ingredients that make the flavor: timed special, skid, asphalt, snow, earth (extension Dirt), tire choice, note, bump, loss of control , big attack, release of seconds, the second time, rope, flat trajectory, assistance ... Designed by rally drivers and manufactured in France, he is played by young and old around the world since 2009.

The old will take a maximum of pleasure because you have to anticipate its trajectory, ie take calculated risks. Most kids love skidding and can achieve amazing chronos taken through senseless risk!
The parties play 1 to 4 players at 9 years and have a duration of between 20 minutes and 2 hours. A player he is improving his own chrono browsing the special repeatedly or participating in the World Cup Rallyman championship on this site can run away!

The design of the 4 game allows thousands of dry tracks, snow or mixed ! So with a game without any addons are hundreds of games to ever-changing paths that are available to players.
's range has expanded over the years with the extension Dirt to run on land, Micro Rally Cars metal paint and range Rallyman 1144 for player with magnificent rally cars to collect and customize.

So join the thousands of fast players who engage in boisterous rallies on the table of their living room or at the World Cup Rallyman : welcome to the Rallyman!

Jean-Christophe Bouvier, author
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