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>Another reason is the total lack of support for beginners,
>it took me almost a year to get my 2nd rally car log booked
>as when I called around to the officials I got a name for
>someone 2 hours away who was never avaible. Not once in all
>my efforts did anyone point out the 3 other people who could
>log book the car with in 15 min of my house. (my first car
>was so long ago it pre-dates log books)
>I expect Finland has a mentioning program for young or new
>drivers, I also expect they promote the idea of go out have
>some fun see what you can do, then and only if you do well
>should you look to make it into a professional effort. We
>need to do the same.

Derek, it sounds like you have a subject for a new editorial piece! ;-)

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