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RE: fragmented racing venues

There's still a huge impasse on the culture. In Sweden they have this "Folkrace" activity which is like a very small rally or rallycross, populated by old Volvos and Saabs that are no longer necessarily street legal (blanked headlights, nerf bar bumpers etc.), and...

...the winner of every event is required to sell his car if anyone will pay, I think, 4000kr (like $500) (this may have changed since 2000 and since currency unification, but it's the right range).

Some of the events are more like little rallies, and some are closer to (oh gad) dirt track racing in the US with multiple cars on the track, but with turns both ways. Lots of amusing photos can be fuond at http://w1.825.telia.com/~u82503048/ - all those are from Southern Sweden.

Flirting with the laws of physics.

Edit: winter too! http://w1.454.telia.com/~u45415571/jonkoping_01.htm
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