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Well, after 2 long stages... it seems that Shawn you posted the stages results and not the overall results...

Results after 3 stages.

1- Richard
2- Higgins
3- Pilon
4- Choiniere
5- Comrie-Picard
6- McGeer
7- L'Estage
8- O'Sullivan
9- Pérusse
10- Paynter

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I just got home from the first day of the event.

Erickson made a stupid mistake on the Hippodrome and crashed, throwing away a possible win.

Spectating at the Hippodrome was the most civilizaed specatating that I have ever done. Sitting on seats, in shirtsleeves, in an indoor heated grandstand, the cars on big screen televisions, commentary over the loudspeaker and cold beer served only a few steps away!

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- Pat is driving brilliantly!
- Subaru of Canada is saving $ 500 000 (US ones...not "Northern Pesos) in equipment. No need for WRC nor GrA cars when you hire a killer driver. Pat should get half of that half mil!

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Andrew managed to take out the oilpan on the TT and a sudden loss of oil prsure bought thm to a stop.
He was doing well 'till then


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Some "News" from the French Media portion of the web site (translation care of altavista).

Erickson gives up the 10th International Rally of Quebec

QUEBEC, SATURDAY MARCH 1, 2003 - The Erickson brothers, at the head of the Canadian Championship of rally 2003, were constrained with abandon this afternoon in the fourteen (14) hour old neighbourhoods at the time of super special of l?Hippodrome of Quebec. Sylvain, controls of Mitsubishi Evo IV ran up against the snowdrift, damaging thus seriously a wheel of the vehicle. Philip, the copilot had to leave the car to release it and both left the track, obviously disappointed. Even if the Erickson brothers had signed the second and the third time in special the one and two this mornings, the battle that the others are delivered control far from is finished. The candidates of the open class are not with end of breath and gaining it of the tenth edition of the international Rally of Quebec far from is decided. It is possible to reach the official schedule of the International Rally of Quebec via the following address: www.rallyedequebec.com -30-


Higgins will threaten Richard this evening at the Hippodrome, Quebec

QUEBEC, SATURDAY MARCH 1, 2003 - David Higgins, pilot from factory for Mitsubishi, comes to threaten the advance of the leader of the International Rally of Quebec, Patrick Richard at Subaru. The British candidate gained 43 seconds at the expense of the Richard Canadian at the time of the two special ones preceding Hippodrome 2 (second passage of the day). Thus, Richard does not preserve that mean a eight (8) seconds advance on his more near rival. This fight illustrates the Subaru-Mitsubishi competition which has developed for two years in North America with the level of the rallys. It is necessary to specify the obvious advantage of Higgins which benefits from all the power of a car of opened class, while Richard is at the wheel of a car of group N which does not profit from very thorough modifications engine. On the other hand, context of a rally of winter - where the power distributed on the ground is not as determining as in summer - preserves the fights enter crews very tight. -30-


Higgins takes first overall at the end of the first day of the International Rally of Quebec

QUEBEC, SATURDAY MARCH 1, 2003 - David Higgins, champion American 2002, benefitted from super special from the Hippodrome from Quebec to take the position of head of the test to the fronts of Patrick Richard. "the track of the Hippodrome was very slipping this evening and the corridors of special prevented us from opening à.fond the machine", noticed Patrick Richard at the end of the day. Richard (2nd) will leave all the same first tomorrow morning a little before eight hours, the order starting following the provisional results from special the 5. As for Higgins, it is with its first presence in Quebec. After a timid departure at the beginning of day, the British returned in force while cutting off between Richard and him 13, then 27 and finally 10 seconds in the three special last today. "We started without pushing too much, question of seeing how the other candidates would defend themselves. A bad choice of tires made us lose much time, but very is announced very well for Sunday ", entrusted Higgins this evening. Paul Choiniere, controls American, figure with the third rank. Its Hyundai Tiburon held out in front of the roads québécoises. With a delay of almost 3 minutes on the second place, remains to see whether Choiniere will decide to push à.fond or to ensure its place on the podium. To note the position of the 21 year old young person Julien Pilon at the wheel of his Subaru WRX of class Production 4. In addition to carrying out this class (7th with the general classification), it is best Québécois (except the native of Sherbrooke, Patrick Richard) of the plate of pilots. The amateurs of rally are invited to attend both special Technological Park tomorrow morning as of 10h45. One asks the witnesses to arrive one hour before the event, question of facilitating the work of the persons in charge for safety. The second passage will take place at the same place with 12h00 -30-


Abandonment of the car number 2 - David Higgins, Mitsubishi Motorsports

QUEBEC, SUNDAY MARCH 2, 2003 - David Higgins, leader of the International Rally of Quebec, was victim of an exit of track in special the 7 Pond of Sault 1 (14,86 kilometers). This accident prevents it from continuing the rally and Higgins thus gives the first place to Patrick Richard. This last had yielded in front of Higgins yesterday evening to the Hippodrome. Higgins, pilot for Mitsubishi Motorsports was regarded as one of the wildest candidates to the highest walk of the podium. Patrick Richard (Subaru) enjoys from now on comfortable a 4 minutes advance 16 seconds on his fellow-member Tom McGeer (victorious in Quebec in 2002). Paul Choinière (Hyundai Tiburon) follows closely with only 8 seconds of delay on McGeer. Comrie-Picardy Andrew (4th position, at 19 seconds of Choinière) tries, as for him, to dislodge Choinière of the third walk of the podium. To note the abandonment of Québécois Mathieu Estage, victim of a problem with the turbo on his Eagle Talon. It was then with the 17th rank of the general classification. A problem of differential with prevented Stéphane McNeil from continuing the rally. The team had not been able to finish last year in Quebec. -30-


A heated fight takes shape for second place

QUEBEC, SUNDAY MARCH 2, 2003 - Three pilots deliver a heated battle for second place at the end of special stage number 9. Indeed, only six (6) seconds separate second from fourth place. One finds in the order Tom McGeer (second), Paul Choinière (third) and Andrew Comrie-Picard (fourth) Comfortable in first place and with the abandonment of David Higgins, all seems to proceed as envisaged for Patrick Richard. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that in rally it is enough only to one light animal engine trouble or loss of control to scramble the charts. -30-


Victory for Patrick Richard and Subaru at the International Rally of Quebec

QUEBEC, SUNDAY MARCH 2, 2003 - Patrick Richard, champion Canadian of Rally 2002, gained to it tenth edition of the international Rally of Quebec. "We began the day while pushing very extremely to catch up with David Higgins. We now collect the fruit our effort," noticed Richard, exhibant a broad smile. "We were victims of a puncture in the special last, but our broad advance protected us from the others control." For its part, Paul Choinière joined again with the roads québécoises which it had not seen since of the years. "I wanted to roll in special the very snow-covered ones; I wanted a good storm. We were amply been useful," indicated the American pilot who preceded his nearer competitor by three seconds. Choinière, not profiting more financial support of the Hyundai manufacturer, is dubious as for his participation in other events of rally in North America this year. Comrie-Picardy Andrew (Mitsubishi) supplemented the podium. "We rolled to any pace and we were always in skid at the time of the special last, but Choinière gained the duel by a hair. What imports, we are very satisfied with our result and we appreciated the heat much fights between us and Choinière, "mentioned Comrie-Picardy after the event. Lauchlin O'Sullivan, second pilot machines of Mitsubishi, is found with the fourth rank, while Tom McGeer (champion in Quebec in 2002) and John Paynter (1st class Production 4) supplement Signal 6. Philippe Jullien, young person control Belgian, gained the category Groupe 2 (opened class, 2 driving wheels) at the time of his passage in Quebec at the wheel of the Golf of Jean-Marc Alcaraz. It was about the first rally on snow for Jullien. Ultimately, a first international edition of the Rally of Quebec full with bounces, where the pilots savagely exchanged in turn the positions in the general classification and where crowd largely appreciated the spectacle, especially to the Hippodrome of Quebec Saturday evening when three thousand witnesses came to acclaim the pilots.

Results of the tenth international Rally of Quebec
1 - Richard (Subaru) 2:21:39.2
2 - Choinière (Hyundai) 2:24:47.7
3 - Comrie-Picard (Mitsubishi) 2:24:50.7
4 - O'Sullivan (Mitsubishi) 2:26:01.6
5 - McGeer (Subaru) 2:26:39.8
6 - Paynter (Subaru) 2:34:41.7
7 - Pérusse (Subaru) 2:37:10.0
8 - l'Estage (Hyundai) 2:38:15.5
9 - Jullien (Volkswagen) 2:48:37.3
10 - Walkington (Volkswagen) 2:50:43.0

- Bill

PS My favourite translated passage, supposedly meant to say "it's not over unitl it's over":

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that in rally it is enough only to one light animal engine trouble or loss of control to scramble the charts.

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>Andrew managed to take out the oilpan on the TT and a sudden
>loss of oil prsure bought thm to a stop.
>He was doing well 'till then

!!!! Our suspension is currently too soft and we hit the underbody really hard up front in SS11... and unfortunately this split open oil pan #2. Thankfully these oil pans are thin cast aluminum (...wait a sec!) In truth we need to look for ways to protect this even more since next on the menu is gravel events out west.

The things we were really happy with was the place I had managed to get up to with this being my 4th rally ... 11th and maybe even a 10th place finish overall and second in P4... oh well. I'm more comfortable on gravel so we'll see how things go out west.
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