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Rallye De Paris - Its not too late!

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Just an unsolicited plug. Plenty of room in the Rallye de Paris. Centrally located in Paris Texas (this is North East Texas, almost Missouri. Over 60 stage miles. Still $400.00. This is probably within 12 hours of where you live unless you are on one of the coasts, or way up in the cold north. So give yourself an early Christmas present and come on down on December 13-14 and have a good time.
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Thanks for the plug. And to add, with a low entry list at the moment, a good chance to pickup points.
Richard Miller

Since you've been such a supporter of our region, we thought we would return the favor. I know you all have put a lot of time and effort into getting the event together, and I look forward to Camp Maxey not only as a competitor, but as a history buff, and obviously, because of my descent.

Wilson von Kessler
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