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Because of the snowstorm approaching New York tonight,
we have received many inquiries about the Rallycross
scheduled for Sunday, March 6 at the Concord Resort in
Monticello. New York:


The event will take place regardless of the snowstorm.

We have to plow the course and the service area on
Saturday before the event so the storm does not matter.
No heavy snow is forecasted after Thursday with sun on
Friday and Saturday and a chance of snow showers
on Sunday.

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Same goes for the Doo *** Rallies, in spite of the last 16 days of sunshine the organizers have ordered showers this week to keep the dust under control. Sunshine is scheduled to return on Saturday and the road conditions should be perfect.

Wish you were here,
Jim Culp
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>Eh, no need for plows. Just run the AWD guys first!

Not in Monticello, New York - too much snow even for AWD.

By the way, we have about 25 drivers pre-registered.

Last November, we had 5 preregistrations and 24 entries.
I hope we are not going to be overwhelmed by walk-ins.

Ivan Orisek
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