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Rally World Magazine came today..

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very nice for a first issue...Good Photos, good selection of articles, a little short on text though... but it was a large magazine. Uses the BIG FONT method to fill pages, but I liked it.

Looking forward to the next issue!
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Thanks Chris! Lars Gange and Ralph Hardwick are excellent photographers. Ralph shoots the WRC for Skoda as well as many many magazines. And as you may know, Lars shoots for the US Subaru Team.

I had the opportunity to hang out with Ralph and also Bob McCaffrey from the McKlein (Reinhard Klein) photo group while in Mexico. They were very nice and I learned a lot from talking to them and seeing their photos from the rally.
My guess it will be a long time until it is on newstands
so you will need to go to www.rallyworldmagazine.com
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