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Hey everyone! I'm here to find advice on how to build a MY04-07 Subaru STi capable of completing a real amateur rally stage like the WRC! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know nothing about this!

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Well if you're in the states, the WRC is not here. America Rally Association (ARA) or Nasa Rally Sports (NRS) are the 2 main sanctioning bodies in the states. NRS seems to stay east coast, ARA mainly west with some out east. Both have their own rule book, mostly they share a lot of the same information. If you decide to build under one rule book, it will be allowed under the other. But you may require more safety equipment if you enter one over the other. For example, ARA requires fire suppression system, NRS does not, but if you built your car under the NRS rule book and wanted to run an ARA event, you would need to have the fire suppression system. So knowing what events you may enter is the best way to know what rules you should focus on.

As for car building, that's a huge topic that can't be wrapped up in a paragraph. But some issues you may run into is running a turbo as a novice, I believe ARA requires a smaller restrictor plate for novices. Something about new people wrapping their selves around trees or something. I'm more of the mind set of buying your first car, then learning what you want. I'm a perfect example of that, started in a AWD legacy, then tried RWD and never went back. If you get a decent deal on a car, you could run it for several events, learn a ton, and then send it on to another new team that wants to get their feet wet. Then you can move on to building your own car, or buying something quicker.

But my first advice is to get involved. Look up events and see what's around you and start volunteering. It's the best way to get out there and see how this all works. And we always need volunteers!!

Good luck with your adventures and ask if you need anything.
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