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Event: Rally Utah
Location: Cedar City, UT
Event website: www.rally-utah.com
FB Page - Rally Utah
Dates: August 7 and 8th, 2015
Host Hotel - El Rey Inn and Suites with rally rates go to the event website to see the rally rates. get your lodging ASAP.
Coefficients - 3 and 3 and 1 = 7 coefficients (Coefficient 1 event is free) included in entry fee- $695 up to July 20th and then $725.00's to day of event.
Stage Mileage for the course of the event: 120 plus stage miles of competition.

Utah Attack Event Championship - entry $15.00 all entrees on this goes toward the Wounded Warrior Project Fund. Contingency is $300 for 2WD split up between 1-3 and 4WD $300.00 split between 1-3.

A triple scoring points each day with a single point event. High profile event for
3nd,4rd and 5th Round OHPRG Invitational Challenge Championship.
6th, 7th and 8th Round Bilstein SWRC Championship
6th, 7th and 8th Round Scrubblade 2wd Championship
Utah Attack Championship for 2wd and 4wd teams to continue the Wounded Warriors Project Fundraising Charity. We have raised so far $900.00! with contingencies.

This event will be exciting since it will showcase stages in the elevation of 4000 feet up to 7000 feet mountain range stages and then across I-15 we go to the national forest stage and then to a desert stage road. So teams will encounter all type of surfaces and elevations.

One stage is a hillclimb being looped with the Homeowners Association to have the home owners blocking their own homes and roads intersecting to watch the competition. The same road that Tour of Utah used for the past few years for their event. If you watched the Tour of Utah on TV you would have seen that stage road going from 4K to 7k feet. It is looped twice so if you did not get enough the first time well you get to do it again! This is the stage that George Plsek is love seeing to happen and will be there along with a few other national teams and international teams.

Media Stage on Wednesday to coverage from local radio stations and Fox News-SLC, etc. Pat and I will be on a motorsport radio show based in Utah.

Recce for you to do your own stage note writing - Thursday of August 6th or you can come in late Thursday to use the routebook only.
Parc Expose Friday night at the downtown Cedar City Rally Party
Service area will be at the Southern Utah University Football Stadium huge parking lot.
Tech Inspection at the SW Technology College with lifts for teams to use if needed during Thursday late afternoon.

Friday stages a full days worth of competition.

Saturday another full day of competition
Super Special at the Iron Motorsport Park for spectators to watch.
Final MTC back at the service area where we do the winners circle! Cedar City is working on something special for all rally teams.

Either we have awards ceremony Saturday night with a huge winners circle and a stage above the cars.

Cedar City is welcoming to have a rally in their backyard! They are pulling out all of the stops to have this happen.

The stage roads are already permitted and we will be looking at two other stages in the next few weeks.

We will be telling you later which stage will be the coefficient 1 power stage ...it could be Friday or Saturday...

We are looking at live streaming on certain stages. We will be using rallydata.com for live scoring.

So get entered and come out to have a great time in a really beautiful area of Utah.

Any questions to contact us at [email protected] or here...

Denise McMahon

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Update on Rally Utah:

The main person who was going to do the stage notes has a work commitment so he is going to do a free recce class by John Dillon on Wednesday evening of the event week.

Plus we have a Media/Practice Stage happening on that Wednesday to have media to get in the car to interview the drivers for news articles that they will be placing in the many local and state newspapers. Also ABC and Fox Sports of Salt Lake City will be following the event along with Spectrum Media will have over 8 photographers on several stages at one time to capture the teams action shots.

Also, we will have a helicopter on Saturday per Byron to have a photographer and a videographer to film and take photos of the cars from above on Three Peaks Stage and Foothill Stage.

Per Cedar City to expect close to 3K - 10K spectators at the official spectator areas. As they have had events just recently and by a off-road SNORE event that had 10K spectators on Three Peaks Stage.

Findlay Subaru is presenting the new line of Subaru's and bringing a few other items to showcase...Also having a Subaru gateway from MTC out of service area.

Great exposure for all the teams and their sponsors.
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