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It's been a long time since I was active here. I do see I'm coming up on my 20th anniversary as a member. A lot has changed in radios in that length of time. I've did a quick review of the rally net thread. Most rallies use repeaters and some were simplex.
I don't operate digital modes but locally there are some digital repeater use. While most hams do not have digital radios, does it make sense to try that mode for a compact event. A rally sprint or compact rally? Assuming one could staff an event with digital operators, are there advantages over analog communications?
The last two years that LSPR ran, the organizers borrowed enough 800MHZ Motorola units to equip the primary users. O cars, ATC/FTC, MTC. The radios operated on a subchannel of the Michigan Public Service radio system. It was impressive to use a handheld in the middle of the woods and have coverage. Usually it was 50 watts and a 5/8 antenna to hit a repeater and get into the net.
One complaint was that,since the net was on 800MHZ, one missed the normal " flow" of the event. On events that use repeaters ,we've gotten used to hearing all of the stations on the net . We know what happened on the previous stages and a bit of what the progress is opening up the later stages. That was gone at LSPR.
Working simplex with a central net control, one only gets to hear the radios in range so some knowledge gaps exist. Something like NEFR where there are multiple simplex nets in use, it would fall similar to the 800MHZ problem.
Could digital modes have a future in rally?
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