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Need ride. Please send money.
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Verified/certified/funded/for sure

Rally TV will be filming the 05 Maine Forest Rally. Anyone with incar at the event is invited to donate copies of their footage. Please keep in mind that in you have an incar camera, it would help ya alot to have a small plaque/sign inside, within camera view, with the car#/names and maybe sponsor signage. This is your opportunity to show/gain extra exposure potential to your sponsors.

Any footage donated will be considered, but must be to us within 1 week after the event (Aug 6th). This release will be produced much quicker than the pilot release(S*D 04), so any speedy help, is greatly appreciated. ALso, any cueing to interesting points, or a quick note of interesting times on the tape will help alot too. THis could be anything from a jackrabbit running out in your way, to someone mooning you on stage, to a Jake Himes signature style rollover or 360.

More stage footage this time, and a longer run time.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


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>Verified/certified/funded/for sure
>Rally TV will be filming the 05 Maine Forest Rally.

Wow, you guy really plan well in advance
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